Practical Facts that You Should Know Before Going to Istanbul

Istanbul is one of the most visited cities in the world, as a large number of visitors are drawn by its amazing history and traditions. Its unique landscapes allow people to relax and contemplate the view, while its mosques and museums allow tourists to understand more about the local culture. However, you need to pay attention to certain details before deciding to visit Istanbul. Here is some useful information that will help you prepare properly for your journey.

Dress in an appropriate way

Turkish culture is very complex, and when it comes to dressing in a proper way, Turkish people prefer clothes that don’t reveal too much of their skin. Furthermore, the Muslim religion requires of the believers to cover their heads in order to show respect and to express a modest behavior. Although these customs might seem strange to tourists, they exist, so it is very important to follow the same example when visiting mosques and churches. It is important to cover your shoulders and knees when you enter a mosque, and some places also require to take off your shoes. Furthermore, Turkish women don’t wear very revealing outfits, so short skirts and tops might offer the wrong impression, so they are not recommended while walking the streets and exploring the views.

Use the tram to travel

Taking the tram is the best thing you can do if you want to visit the main tourist attractions of the city. It connects the Old City with the Galata Bridge, it runs through Karakoy and along the Bosphorus shore on the European side. There are also many metros and ferries that you can use, so whatever you choose you can be confident that you won’t spend too much money on transportation.

Don’t smoke in enclosed spaces
Smoking in enclosed areas is not tolerated, so you need to consider this aspect if you don’t want to get into trouble. Therefore, if you feel the need to smoke while you are in a restaurant or a regular bar, you must go outside and return later, because the Turkish laws don’t allow smoking inside of buildings.

The main attractions of Istanbul
If you want to indulge yourself with the best sights of Istanbul, we advise you to visit the Basilica Cistern, which was built in the sixth century, the Aya Sofya, which is a church and a museum, the Topkapi Palace, which served as home for remarkable sultans, and the Ayasofya Hürrem Sultan Hamam that impresses with a magnificent architecture. There are many other outstanding places to visit in Istanbul, including the Istanbul Archaeology Museum and numerous mosques and churches.

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