Sunny Beach – the perfect destination for couples


Are you looking for a perfect gift for your lover? You probably feel like the lack of inspiration is a real problem. But we may have a good suggestion for you in this case. Why don’t you try taking him or her to a trip in Bulgaria, this summer? You have plenty of destinations from where you can choose, but Sunny Beach is by far the tourists’ favourite option in the last period. The majority of them come here for the golden sands and the clear water.

Planning a holiday to Sunny Beach – aspects to consider

Airport transfer. There are many persons who decide to travel to Bulgaria by plane because it is faster and more comfortable than other means. But, another important aspect that people should take into consideration is their way from the airport to Sunny Beach. Therefore, it is essential to make time and for hiring a vehicle to pick you up from the airport. For example, if your plane lands in the southeast part of this country, you can take a Bourgas Airport taxi. But make sure that you make your reservation on time because there are many persons who decide to come here. Also, if you find a reliable company, you can benefit from high level services and competitive prices.

Finding the perfect accommodation. Experts recommend hiring a luxurious house which also has a swimming pool. Why is the pool so important? Because, sometimes, the weather can be less friendly and the rain can ruin your plans. Also, if you need help, you should ask for the services of a touristic agency which can come with some good offers.

Four things to do if you travel to Sunny Beach:

  • Laying on the beach all they long. You can buy some magazines or books and enjoy reading them, while the sunshine is changing the colour of your body.
  • Swimming in the deep water. Swimming is a good alternative for both your body and soul. It can help you relaxing and forgetting about stress. Moreover, there are persons who decide to take swimming lessons when they want to keep fit or losing some kilos. But, keeping fit in Bulgaria can be a real challenge for you and your lover because the local food is delicious and highly appreciated by the tourists.
  • Scuba diving in the deep Black Sea. If you are fascinating about the aquatic world, you can explore it more if you take some scuba diving lessons. It is also an exciting activity for those who love adrenaline.
  • Partying on the beach. Even if there are many families who prefer choosing Sunny Beach as their holiday destination, you can also find some parties where you can dance all day long with your lover.





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