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Exotic trips are a luxury everybody should treat themselves with at least once in life. However, planning such an incursion is not always easy. From picking the destination, to deciding the itinerary and packing your luggage, everything might raise some issues. However, some expert’s advices might help you decide easier on the location and prepare accordingly to it. Many choose to travel in Southeast Asia nowadays, because of the beautiful landscapes and entertaining itineraries they can make there. However, if you are not familiar with these destinations, you might need a little guidance from those passionate. Below are a few destinations everybody will surely enjoy.

1. Hanoi, Vietnam’s capital city

Vietnam is a mandatory destination for anybody considering visiting Asia. More than an exotic destination, for many it is a land full of history. Especially American tourists find in it a piece of their parents and grandparent’s life. Vietnam’s capital, Hanoi, is an eclectic city, full of charm and mystery. Old and new architecture blend beautifully, and surround the city’s open-air museum. The Old Quarter is a colonial museum giving tourists a taste of the country’s former colonial history. Animated by its youth, the streets of Hanoi host a large number of people practicing skateboarding and tai-chi, an ancient practice in the Asian part of the world. Locals practicing it surrounded by tourists and curious witnesses oftentimes populate the parks.

2. The Gili Islands, for those looking for relaxation

Somewhere in the Northwestern Indonesia, many travelers have found the perfect spot for relaxation in three small islands, known by the name of the Gili Islands.  The secret escape location for many, this is a location perfect for those who what to forget Internet, malls and cars even exist. On the islands, you won’t be able to find any type of modern transportation, because access with cards is not allowed. Try instead to enjoy a magnificent view while riding a horse of a bike.

3. Lesser Sunda Islands’ Komodo National Park

For all nature lovers, the opportunity of witnessing an almost prehistoric reptile in its natural environment might be the peak of their lives. The Park was founded in 1980, in the attempt of protecting the endangered species of Komodo Dragons. Unique in the world, if the opportunity of visiting this location appears, take it. Not all people have the opportunity of witnessing the largest lizard in the world freely running by visitor’s legs.

4. Singapore, the smallest country in Southeast Asia

For anybody who wants a taste of the eastern modern life, Singapore is a staple. With a blend of multiple languages like Malay, Mandarin, English and Tamil, it might be one of the most economically developed city-states from around the world. Being a former British colony, the local history harmonically blends with the English one.

This destination guide is made for all individuals looking forward or planning a trip to Asia. The rich colors, traditions and culture will amaze every traveler.

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