Travelling to Japan? Make sure these places make it to your itinerary

If you have chosen Japan as your next holiday destination, then you should prepare yourself for a truly unique experience. Unless you already live in Asia, absolutely everything will be different for you: the culture, the way people behave, the architecture, the weather and so on. As a tourist, seeing this country is impressive, but it can also be overwhelming due to the amount of new elements. If you want to be prepared for the holiday, then you should collaborate with a dedicated company, such as, to help you design an itinerary. There are, however, some special places that must definitely make it to your list:



The capital city of the country, the impressive establishment called Tokyo, is one of the mandatory attractions you have to include on your itinerary. This place is the perfect combination between traditional culture and modernism, new and old. The bustling city will provide you with a complex spectacle: from ultra-futuristic skyscrapers to temples, cherry trees and anime shops, all these await you in the most crowded place in the world. Among multiple impressive constructions, the Meiji Shinto Shrine is probably the most remarkable one. It is both opulent and full of meaning, with its rich surrounding forests and its towering bridge. Other Tokyo landmarks are the Imperial Palace, the public gardens as well as the districts Shibuya and Harajuku, full of contrasting colors, flavors and smells. Tokyo is also the perfect fashion scene for those passionate about anime, comics and other related domains.


Nozawa Onsen Snow Resort

Famous winter resort, the place is the ideal choice for those who love snow sports, especially skiing. The venue is situated near Nagano and has been the scene of many dedicated competitions over the years. The most important is the 1998 Winter Olympics. The village Nozawa Onsen lies at the foot of the slope, welcoming all those who want to enjoy a hot drink and some traditional Japanese culture. The entire region is divided in three main areas and ski is not the only thing you can do around. Another unique experience you can and should try is seeing snow monkeys in their natural habitat. This is clearly a beautiful spectacle, since the animals are originated from the Yudanaka National Park.



Once the capital city of the Land of the Rising Sun, this place has preserved its incredible beauty and social importance. The refined decor will definitely make you feel as if you are travelling in a world different from anything else. Situated on the island of Honshu, having literally thousands of temples and a lot of Buddhist landmarks (gardens, palaces, wooden houses etc), Kyoto is known for its deep formal traditions. For this reason, here is where you can get a genuine glimpse of Japanse culture at its finest: experience the kaiseki dining, try all the courses you are offered and enjoy the presence of geishas, who are still very popular in the region of Gion.


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